LisbonJet's Logbook
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August 27, 2010

@SID with "Gil Vicente"

Aeroporto Int'l Amilcar Cabral

A320 wing

The moon...

CS-TNN "Gil Vicente"

TAP Portugal beautiful tail

A320 cabin

August 26, 2010

@RAI with "Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro"

Aeroporto da Praia


August 18, 2010

Dense smoke in Moscow - Part III

Here are a few more pictures I took the day I departed from Moscow.

Leaving the hotel

Arrival at the airport terminal

It looks like LVO due to the smoke...

Transaero, a growing Russian airline still operating these classic 747s 

August 06, 2010

Dense smoke in Moscow - Part II

Can't go outside... and it doesn't seem to get any better at Moscow...

Red Square and Kremlin will have to wait for another opportunity...

Dense smoke in Moscow - Part I

Due to several forest fires, Moscow has been covered with a dense smoke/smog blanket.

While passing 10.000ft during our descent to Domodedovo Airport we started to notice an intense smell of burning wood in the whole cabin of our Airbus which scared some passengers that thought there was something wrong with the aircraft!

Visibility is also severely affected as you can see in the following photos taken outside the terminal of the airport.

Despite of the air being somewhat unbreathable I hope to go to the Red Square tomorrow...