LisbonJet's Logbook
by LisbonJet's Travels


30 May 2013

PGA's Fokker 100 and Geneva Airport

Another flight from Lisbon to Porto in the good old Fokker 100 with registration CS-TPE.

Boarding @ LIS

Just before the descent, the pilot said we could expect good weather at Porto. Maybe the definition of good weather is a different thing from a pilot's point of view :-)

After arrival @ OPO

And now at the gate waiting for the next flight to Geneva...

Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport

Next day, early morning at Geneva, with our A319 in a remote position:

And looking towards the Alps...

27 May 2013

Aerodif - Librairie de l'Aviation

It's been a long time since I've been to Geneva the last time, a city that being far from my favorites, I still like it. I find it beautiful, peaceful and a nice place to visit. Many would disagree with me but I'm used to it. In terms of European cities I seem to have a rather different taste.

I love Brussels which many consider grey and unattractive and I also like Helsinki but in this case even the locals react with disbelief when I try to convince them that I'm spending holidays there (forced holidays, I know - but they don't have to know it!). It's not uncommon to hear "Really? Why here!?".

The day started very early and I would be flying LIS-OPO-GVA, the first and short leg being with PGA - Portugália Airlines and its Fokker-100 registered CS-TPC.

@ LIS airport

The second leg was operated by a TAP's A319, a smooth flight during which I tried to read a bit more of my "Flying Training" manual - in preparation for the final PPL practical exam - and after that I slept most of the time.

When I arrived at Geneva I already had plans for that afternoon: search for an aviation library called Aerodif that I came across while surfing on the web.

Aerodif - Librairie de l'Aviation

Located at Rue Lissignol, it wasn't really that hard to find it! I ended up buying two books that I was looking for, for some time (one of them seemed to be sold out everywhere).

Beside selling books, they also have several items for pilots and miniature models for collectors.

Then, with "shopping" completed, it was time to revisit Geneva! The weather was somewhat unstable but only a few drops of rain threatened my stroll.

Flag of Canton of Geneva

Some really dark clouds...

Lac Léman

Pont du Mont-Blanc

Rue du Marché

And now, heading towards the Parc des Bastions.

Rue Henri-Fazy

At Parc des Bastions, let's play some big chess! I'm not a chess player but I find this so funny and unusual, I had to see it again!

Nice green park...

Since next day another early morning was due, time available was not that much so I had to return to the hotel. Inside the bus I managed to take a picture of a building with a green roof - what a great idea :)

A few hours of sleep and I was ready to return to Lisbon...

... and short after take-off, what a great view with the Alps emerging in the background above the layer of clouds!

Geneva, it was nice to meet you again!

24 May 2013

Budapest Airport - Ferihegy

A couple of photos  at the airport...

The characteristic control tower under the horizontal stabilizer of our aircraft,

and steps still with MALEV markings...

It's a shame they are not in business anymore.

14 May 2013

Nice layover in Frankfurt

Before going to Frankfurt we had a night stop Barcelona. One photo of TAP's main hangar before departure to BCN,

LIS - Hangar 6

and another one when we arrived back in Lisbon as dead head crew in a PGA's Embraer 145 (CS-TPJ).

NetJet's G-V-SP Gulfstream G550

Then it was time to fly to Frankfurt!

Saturday morning, I decided to go for a walk... The day started with rain but the weather improved greatly later.

First couple of photos near Messe Frankfurt where our hotel is located,

and then a stroll alongside the Main River...

Frankfurt Love Bridge

New skyscrapers being built

The contrast of green and grey

Going to the very centre of the city, I found a nice outdoor with a classic Junkers Ju 52.

The famous MyZeil mall...

Nice glass construction!

Seen from inside...

Inside the mall, Saturn was the most interesting store for me.


I had lunch in a McDonald's nearby the mall.

Another interesting outdoor...

Boeing 707

And no doubt Frankfurt Airport is a big european hub. You can evaluate that by the great number of airlines present in the city.

China Eastern, Yemen, Vietnam...

... Japan Airlines

And while going back to the hotel...

Euro sculpture near ECB Headquarters

Roger Waters will play in Frankfurt!

Nice view of Westend Tower

13 May 2013

A TriStar flying over the desert

I decided to publish now the entire set of photos of the approach to Al Ain airport (described in this post) while flying over Dubai, in March 2008. Those familiar with the TriStar will easily recognize its typical wing silhouette and canoe fairings.

It was truly an amazing view of a completely different (new) world.

Palm Jumeirah


Amazing colors...

Charter days, so missed...