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April 26, 2017

In the blink of an eye: Brasília

I still have to explore Brasília in a more detailed way. But it doesn't seem a friendly city to walk on foot...

Cathedral of Brasília

Stadium Mané Garrincha

April 10, 2017

Canada - amazing Niagara Falls

Toronto was the first big city I visited back in 1991. Everything was so different from what I have seen until that date, that I really can't forget that trip.

The flight TP304 to Toronto, departed from Lisbon and had one stop in Montréal - Mirabel. I'm quite sure we stayed in the aircraft during the turnaround time. I also remember that it was the first time I travelled in Business Class. From TAP archives, the aircraft was the Airbus A310 with tail number CS-TEI. The A310 was still a very recent type in the fleet and it marked a new era in the history of the airline which evolved from a loyal Boeing customer (apart from the L-1011) to an all Airbus fleet.

Between Montreal and Toronto

From Toronto, I remember visiting the amazing CN Tower and having dinner in the revolving 360 Restaurant. I also recall seeing squirrels running free in the backyards of the houses and snowing for the first time, even if it was a very light snowfall.

Niagara Falls

One of the highlights of the trip was going to the Niagara Falls. We experienced really cold temperatures but for sure it was worth it.
We also went up to the top of the Skylon Tower and enjoyed a wonderful view of the Falls from its observation deck.

Little me pushing the baby stroller

Pearson Intl

And little me at the airport gate, admiring the TAP's Airbus, before our flight back to Lisboa:

Recently, TAP Portugal announced they will relaunch the route to Toronto this summer which got me really excited!

April 07, 2017

New York - 432 Park Avenue

When I opened the curtains of my room I was flattered with this view...

40th floor - Times Square view

... and one strong thought filled my mind: «yes, you cand send me to New York whenever you want»! Well, it is not always this view and not always this hotel... I was also thinking about the old question if I would ever be happy living in Manhattan. New York looks like a "yuge" amusement park. But I don't think anyone wants to live permanently in an amusement park. Anyway, it's nice to be pampered with such a view! And for visiting purposes I have no doubt that New York is my favorite city in the world.

432 Park Avenue

Since my layover in August 2015 that I was curious about this skyscraper and this time I wanted to see it from a closer point of view and take some photos.

Yuuuge, tremendous, the tallest residential building in the world!... what else can I say? That I couldn't resist and immediately bought a flat with a view even better than that one of the hotel? Later I'll share some photos of it!

Back to Times Square playground...

Times Square panorama

John dos Passos

It's always nice when you leave an amusement park flying on a spaceship! It's an astronaut thing but I'm used to it. CS-TOT was the tail number.

Wing view at JFK Intl Airport

Please send me to New York again, right now!

April 01, 2017

Horta - approach with a view

Two years ago I was in one of the very last flights to Horta, in Ilha do Faial/Açores. The runway of Aeroporto da Horta was the most critical in terms of length and everytime I went there I experienced a positive landing with strong deceleration! Beside that, one could also enjoy the beauty of Pico and Faial during the approach.

I'm a fan of the Azores since I first visited São Miguel, in 1990. For sure I was amazed with the opportunity of taking the following photos this last time.

Ilha do Pico

Unfortunately, the volcanic cone was hidden by this annoying layer of clouds...

Aeroporto do Pico

Ilha do Faial

Now, with Ilha do Faial on our right, we have Monte da Guia in sight.

One last look towards Ilha do Pico on our left, before passing Horta and turning to final approach.



Monte da Guia

Passing Horta

Right turn and finally we have the runway in sight, although it is barely noticeable in the photo below:

Final approach

Aeroporto da Horta

Another safe landing at Horta and time for some photos during our turnaround.

Airbus A319

Wingtip and the small terminal

Ground operations

Farewell with a reflection of CS-TTL

Unfortunately, many of our passengers were disappointed with the end of the flights of our airline to their island at the same time they showed great appreciation for us and for our service. But since these flights are regulated under Public Service Obligation contracts, we now have SATA operating this route and Pico as well.