LisbonJet's Logbook
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July 16, 2010

Air condensation from the A/C

It happens very often in these summer days...

A321-200 cabin

Some passengers think it's smoke!

July 13, 2010


It was just a night stop. Not much time to see what everyone should see when going to Moscow. But I will certainly be back there: I will eat borsch soup again; I will walk through the Old Arbat and see the Kremlin and Lenin's Mausoleum; I will buy an Аэрофлот t-shirt and maybe an old airline pilot's hat.

But for now, some photos from the hotel...


Hotel lobby

Hotel lobby and its curious c(l)ock

And from Domodedovo Airport

July 06, 2010

From "Aeroporto da Madeira"

Some photos...

"Rotores de Portugal"

CS-TTG "Humberto Delgado"

CS-TNT "Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro"

and the formation of "Rotores de Portugal"