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April 23, 2014

Gardermoen - Oslo Airport II

Old photos (November 2009) of another turnaround - it seems this summer there will be layovers in Oslo!



Rainy day at OSL...

Inside the jetway

Cabin cleaned and ready for the return flight

April 04, 2014

Going to the beach in Helsinki - temperature: 1 ºC

I must confess - Helsinki is still one of my favorite layovers in Europe... Even if the weather is a little bit hostile for a Mediterranean guy.

There are many sights and places of interest in Helsinki and one of them is the wonderful Temppeliaukio Kirkko - Church of the Rock.

Eating out at Ravintola Zetor is a wonderful experience and a nice opportunity to "taste" the spirit of Finnish countryside.

Your "napkin" from the kitchen roll at Zetor

Despite the cold temperatures, the sun was shining most of the time. For my surprise there is a beach with lots of sand in Helsinki and it looks very nice. Even with a temperature of 1 ºC we went to see the beach!

Beach at Helsinki

We also saw many aircraft on approach to Vantaa Airport passing over the beach - including this Finnair's A330.

A330 overflying the beach

For our return to Lisbon, we had CS-TQD "Eugénio de Andrade".

TAP A320 arriving at Vantaa