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Saturday, March 20, 2010

CS-TNV & Pico Island

March 2010

Today, I completed TAP's medium haul fleet, flying the A320-214 CS-TNV "Grão Vasco". This aircraft was the latest addition to the fleet and the only one that was missing in my logbook.

From the current fleet, I have flown a total of 19 A319's, 17 A320's and 3 A321's. CS-TNA, CS-TNB, CS-TNE and CS-TNO, now phased out, also make part of that logbook. As a passenger I can add A330-223 CS-TOE and A340-312 CS-TOA.

CS-TNV it's just about the same as the other new A320-214s recently added to the fleet.

Matrícula: CS-TNV
Modelo: A320-214
MSN/CN: 4145
Nome: "Grão Vasco"

A320-214 CS-TNV

The other remark of the day was 'my' first landing at Pico, a small Island at Azores archipelago, dominated by its impressive volcano, the highest mountain of portuguese territory.

I remember how fascinated I was by volcanos in my childhood and when being a volcanologist was an option in mind.

First, some pictures of the really small terminal of Pico Island Airport:

and now from the huge and beautiful mountain!

After take-off, I managed to take some pictures from the air... Amazing sight!

One thing I have to do in life is definitely to climb this mountain!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


March 2010

Picture taken at Sal Airport (Cape Verde) the day TAP completed 65 years old!