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December 21, 2012

Malmö - my first time in Sweden

It's really easy to go from Copenhagen to Malmö. Since I already knew Copenhagen very well, Malmö was the right place to visit next.

At Copenhagen's Central Station, you just have to catch the train which goes through the Öresund bridge and tunnel. It's a short hop and you have plenty of trains every hour, 24 hours per day.

Unfortunately this time the weather didn't help: foggy and rainy.

The first thing we looked for in Malmö was the Turning Torso skyscraper, the tallest in Sweden. Due to the fog, I believe I could only see half of the building...

Turning Torso

Being situated in a peripheral area, after seeing the Turning Torso, we walked towards the heart of the city.

Nice modern building...

Something went wrong or is it just a strange form of art?!

Nice reflection...

Keep on walking...

Some signs of recent snow in this park...

And finally we reached Lilla Torg - a very beautiful square with some houses built in the 14th century...

... and a very curious modern "table" lamp in the middle of it!

Old houses

Telephone cabin

 Christmas lights in the streets...

And after the Lilla Torg (little square), now the Stortorget (big square).

Malmö City Hall

And a final glimpse at Malmö before going back to Copenhagen.

After this short visit, one thing is for sure: I shall return here!

Merry Christmas to everybody :)