LisbonJet's Logbook


July 22, 2014

Red and Green - Out of the Blue - Part III

Finally, the long-haul!

Airbus A330-200

Airbus A340-300

July 08, 2014

Faro Airport & Olhão

Faro Airport, October 2010:

Ryanair base @ FAO

Faro Airport, May 2012:

Catering loading our aircraft and easyJet's special livery

Olhão is where we stay in the Algarve. There isn't much to do there, except enjoying good food. These are photos taken in the last month.

Igreja Matriz de Olhão

July 07, 2014

Boa Vista & Casablanca

My first show up at "Aeroporto Internacional Aristides Pereira" in Boa Vista Island - Cabo Verde. The terminal is very peculiar, looking like a fortress as it can be seen in the following photo.

Boa Vista

And again, like São Vicente, it seems like we landed in a windy desert. But I bet these islands in Cabo Verde are very interesting!


It was not my first time at Casablanca "Mohammed V International Airport" - I was there previously in 2007 with Luzair in a connection flight while deadheading to Dakar - but it was another new destination for me with my current airline.

Qatar Airways A330

"Mohammed V" Terminal

RAM Boeing 737