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December 28, 2022

Last flight of the year

I've been on reserve this whole month of December but I was lucky to spend Christmas at home. After Christmas I was called for a flight to Miami.

Low temperatures unusual for Miami and lots of rain made me remember when I was caught off guard, in January 2018, by that time because of the cold wave/polar vortex shift in North America. This time I was prepared with proper clothing.

This was my room view and I took the picture before started to rain.

Aviation geeks will guess just what I thought when I was given this room number. A proper vintage Boeing of course...

As a curiosity, from my room I could see that almost nothing was left from the iconic Miami Beach hotel 'Deauville Beach Resort', which was closed and abandoned since 2017 due to a fire and damage caused by hurricane Irma. Deauville Beach Resort hosted several celebrities, including the band 'Beatles'.

This was a very short layover and the next day after our arrival, we left to our home base, Lisboa.

Airbus A330-941, tail number CS-TUN, named "D. Fuas Roupinho" was the aircraft on the return flight.

December 24, 2022

Christmas lights in Lisboa 2022

Yesterday I went to see the Christmas lights in my hometown. I arrived at the downtown yet before sunset. And... even if it's winter, don't we still have a wonderful sunset?

Praça do Comércio

And after the sunset, everthing was beautifully lighted up.

Avenida da Liberdade

Largo do Camões

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas!

December 05, 2022

Christmas in Rome 2013

This was one of my saddest Chrismas Eves ever, in 2013. Our flight to Rome with less than 30 pax onboard was seriously delayed due to a strike of the handling services and when we arrived way past midnight, one waiter was waiting alone to serve us dinner at the hotel. He was probably having an even sadder Christmas than us... And that made me sad too.

Next day, the 25th of December, in the afternoon, it was time to go back to my home base, Lisboa. I spotted this Alitalia A330 parked next to us in Fiumicino Airport, by the days when I was longing to have a promotion to the WB fleet.

 Today I'm longing to go back to the NB fleet and to the european flights...

December 04, 2022

Christmas decorations in New York, 2018

One thing that I miss a lot is seeing New York during the Christmas Season. This was my last time, in 2018. I was starting to have a cold but I ventured to the Rockefeller Center.

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller ice rink