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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Man, it doesn't show signs of stopping!

December 2009

5 hours delay at Milan (Malpensa Airport) due to heavy snowfall!

Beautiful scenario although passengers were not that happy...

A319-111 CS-TTR 'Soares dos Reis'

An Air France A320-100 which was already due for departure 

Wings covered with snow:

The cargo door is opened, also covered with snow

And... more snow... all over the windows!

And finally some kind of artistic shot...

Obviously we had to go through a complete de-icing procedure before departure which took some 15 to 20 minutes more.

The weather outside was really frightful and I had a cinema to go with some friends. But since there's nothing we can do... let is snow, let it snow! As I arrived at 1:40am at Lisbon I had my cinema plans ruined that night and my LHR flight cancelled today.

Now I will enjoy a couple of days off! (No! damn it! I have to study for my college exams...)


Curd Zechmeister said...

Wow! That is a massive amount of snow for Italy. I hear there is a ton of snow all over Europe! Great pictures of the aircraft ... de-icing comes in very handy these days.

Anonymous said...

O Air Frangas!!!