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March 20, 2010

CS-TNV & Pico Island

Today, I completed TAP's medium haul fleet, flying the A320-214 CS-TNV "Grão Vasco". This aircraft was the latest addition to the fleet and the only one that was missing in my logbook.

From the current fleet, I have flown a total of 19 A319's, 17 A320's and 3 A321's. CS-TNA, CS-TNB, CS-TNE and CS-TNO, now phased out, also make part of that logbook. As a passenger I can add A330-223 CS-TOE and A340-312 CS-TOA.

CS-TNV it's just about the same as the other new A320-214s recently added to the fleet.

Matrícula: CS-TNV
Modelo: A320-214
MSN/CN: 4145
Nome: "Grão Vasco"

A320-214 CS-TNV

The other remark of the day was 'my' first landing at Pico, a small Island at Azores archipelago, dominated by its impressive volcano, the highest mountain of portuguese territory.

I remember how fascinated I was by volcanos in my childhood and when being a volcanologist was an option in mind.

First, some pictures of the really small terminal of Pico Island Airport:

and now from the huge and beautiful mountain!

After take-off, I managed to take some pictures from the air... Amazing sight!

One thing I have to do in life is definitely to climb this mountain!


Paulo Correia said...


I never went to Pico, but it's also on my plans :)

Nice shots!


Anonymous said...

Muito bem dude. A documentacao que fazes da tua experiencia na aviacao merece uma medalha!.


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