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September 05, 2011

Four years of flying!

Time flies at the same speed airplanes do... When I joined Luzair in the summer of 2007, I never thought I would stay this long in this job. I never thought to move to another airline one year later. But things just hapenned. The facts are: I have a good job, I like what I do and airplanes are my "office".

Also, it seems it was yesterday that I was writing in this blog about having passed Satellites and in June, after another term, I finished my degree in Aerospace Engineering. I huge achievement for me... And finally I got permanent at my current airline! The airline where I grew up. The airline that made me fascinated by airplanes. The airline where my father worked.

Now it's time go back with my Private Pilot Licence :)

The only bad thing is that summer is now ending without having truly started...

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  1. Great pictures! And congratulations on completing your degree.