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October 09, 2011

Starway 711P - Part I

Let's go back in time (May 2008) to wonderful ACMI days. I really miss them although I couldn't imagine having again my days and life planning completely "leased" to an airline. It was the right experience at the right time. Perhaps, the best year in my life that I won't repeat ever again. Back then, I wanted to explore the world and stay away from home and school, flying with my favorite airplane.

We started this operation flying for Air Méditerranée and ended up with XL Airways France. We spent a few days based at CDG while doing flights to Palma de Mallorca and Fuerteventura. Here are some photos at CDG airport:

Iron Maiden 757 (background)

Angry passengers dealing with big delays pointing their fingers to us while we were passing through the Terminal despite it was not our airline's fault - after all, we were there to "save" their holidays. Well, I must say it was the usual scenario for our kind of operation but in the end everybody was happy to finally reach their destination. We even had some portuguese passengers on board.

Palma de Mallorca:

Spanair A321 @ PMI

PMI ramp

One photo of our TriStar @ PMI, remembering the days when several charter airlines used big TriStars to cross european skies flying nordic and british tourists to warmer destinations in the south:


TriStar's main landing gear (left side)

Europe Airpost 737

To be continued...

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