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27 March 2012

Portugália Airlines Embraer 145

Last Saturday I had my first flying in a ERJ145 from Portugália Airlines. Its registration was CS-TPK named Gaio.

Nice, funny and tiny airplane it's all I have to say! In fact, until today, it was the smallest jet I have ever flown. The Lisbon/Porto flight (35 min) was short to tell more about this experience. I also didn't have the opportunity to take photos.

Yesterday I returned from Porto also in a ERJ145, CS-TPN. This time I could take these photos for the blog:


Emergency window, seats with extra legroom 

Right Engine seen from the cabin

Wing window view and another ERJ145 @ OPO

One toilet at the rear

Cabin seen from the last rows

After arrival @ LIS

CS-TPN named Brigão

Built-in stairs

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Paulo Correia said...

Este ainda falta na minha lista. A ver se me dão boleia um dia destes :)

Excelente post como sempre!


Paulo Correia

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