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March 04, 2012

TAP - A340 new Economy Class seats

A few months ago, TAP Portugal announced the retrofit of their A340 fleet with new interiors and IFE system. The update will  bring these aircraft to almost the same standard of comfort and entertainment we can find in the most recent A330s received from Airbus.

TAP is displaying the new Economy Class Recaro seats in BTL - International Tourism Exhibition which is taking place at FIL (Parque das Nações) in Lisboa.

Here are some photos of these seats

They are thinner, lighter and provide individual entertainment which was lacking in the A340 fleet until now. For me, the most important change is that they have more lumbar support and adjustable headrests. Also when you recline these seats, you will have not only a leaned seat back but also the bottom of the seat will advance a little bit making it a lot more comfortable than the current standard.
From what was shown, it seems that TAP will also adopt a new decorative pattern in the seat covers. The only thing that was missing when you compare these seats to those found in the A330 fleet is the PTV control pad. However, a USB socket is available.

The first aircraft to be modified will be the one with registration CS-TOA, works taking place already this month.

As a relatively frequent flyer of TAP's A340s in São Paulo route, I think this change is very welcomed!

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