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July 11, 2012

First layover in Warsaw - Part I

The first years you spend as a crew member working for a scheduled airline, are undoubtedly the best ones. I miss them as much as my previous charter experience. After spending one year doing scheduled flights, I was still discovering new fascinating places in Europe. Warsaw sure is one of them! Adding to this a fantastic crew and you have all the ingredients for a great layover. My first in Warsaw, in June 2009.

Our hotel was the Intercontinental located in the modern city center, one of the best hotels I have ever been. Two things I appreciate in a hotel's room (beside being clean) are big windows and a nice view - something completely opposite from what I showed in a post about Milan.

So... what about a 34th floor view with some fireworks upon my arrival?

I must confess, I was delighted.

After seeing the fireworks, it was time to get properly dressed and rejoin my crew for what would be a great night at Opera Club. Guess what... it was a Saturday night! Thank you crewing department!

When I got out of the club, I was surprised to find that at 4am there was daylight already! The following photos were taken after arriving to the hotel.

After a much needed sleep it was time to discover Warsaw... by day!

Modern City Center

Palace of Culture and Science

This building was a gift from the Soviet Union to the Poles but they never really appreciated it, so they built a cluster of skyscrapers nearby (including our hotel) to overshadow the Palace which is still the highest building in Poland. I still have to pay a visit to it.

Cluster of skyscrapers

Ice Age! I love it.

"Giga" McDonalds - free wifi

Marriott - resembles the twin towers

Another magnificent view from my room

Intercontinental Warsaw

In the next post about Warsaw I will show photos of the old town.

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