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April 01, 2013

Azores - São Miguel Island

This was my second visit to São Miguel Island, in May 2000, and my first time flying with SATA Internacional. The aircraft for the outbound flight was the mighty A310 with reg. CS-TGU and named "Terceira".

Some photos of the flight...

Window views,



cabin view,

A310 cabin

cockpit visit (this was pre-9/11),

A310 cockpit

and after disembarkation.

A310 main landing gear (LH)

A310 engine

Now, let's see some of the beautiful sights of the Island...

Lagoon of Sete Cidades,

Sete Cidades

Lagoon of Congro (this one is not very known among the tourists),

Amazing sight...

Lagoon of Fogo,

Wild landscape

the famous fumaroles,

Hot water!

 some lava formation,

municipality of Nordeste,

Nice waterfall...

Vila Franca do Campo,

and the capital Ponta Delgada.

Finally, the photos of the return flight on board A310 CS-TGV named "São Miguel" - a much proper name for this trip!

A310 cabin - return flight

A310 tail - still the old livery

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