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May 06, 2014

Charter flight to Marrakech

Charter flights are not usual in my current airline and in fact this was the first one I did in 5 years. We were carrying a football team that participated in the FIFA Club World Cup Morocco 2013 - it was a flight between Marrakech and Lisboa.

Hifly A340-600 - early morning at LIS before departure to RAK

The flight departed from RAK with some delay due to technical difficulties trying to fit all the luggage into the holds of  our Airbus A320. It was like a real Tetris game against time.

During our wait, I took the opportunity to take a few more photos at Menara Airport - and I was lucky enough to see the mighty Royal Air Maroc Jumbo taxiing behind us!

CN-RGA is the only Boeing 747 in their fleet...

What a beautiful plane!

easyJet A320...

... with its distintive sharklets

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