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March 25, 2016

Fortaleza and Ed Force One

What seemed to be just another LIS-FOR flight, had a slightly different story to tell. One of our A330s went tech at Natal and needed some spare parts to be repaired (engine starter and start valve).
The airline found the fastest way to deliver those parts, making a technical stop at Natal on our flight to Fortaleza. When we landed at Natal we could see the lonely A330 waiting for repair with its #1 cowlings opened. After a quick turnaround we proceeded to Fortaleza without more delay.

View from the room at night - Avenida Beira Mar:

There was nothing particular to report about this quick layover and soon it was time to return to Lisboa.

In some way, it made me remember my very first flight as a professional with the very same triangle route: LIS-NAT-FOR & FOR-LIS.

Yet another flight to Fortaleza and the same view from my room...

After a long haul flight it feels good to refresh ourselves with beer. That's what I did with some colleagues. On our way I found this inflatable GOL airplane:

But the highlight would be the "Ed Force One" of Iron Maiden, that I found at Fortaleza "Pinto Martins" Airport, just before our departure to Lisboa. What a sight this wonderful Boeing 747!

Seen from the inside

Had to open one of the doors to avoid reflections...

And a view of our cabin just before boarding started:

CS-TOF Economy Class

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