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April 07, 2017

New York - 432 Park Avenue

When I opened the curtains of my room I was flattered with this view...

40th floor - Times Square view

... and one strong thought filled my mind: «yes, you cand send me to New York whenever you want»! Well, it is not always this view and not always this hotel... I was also thinking about the old question if I would ever be happy living in Manhattan. New York looks like a "yuge" amusement park. But I don't think anyone wants to live permanently in an amusement park. Anyway, it's nice to be pampered with such a view! And for visiting purposes I have no doubt that New York is my favorite city in the world.

432 Park Avenue

Since my layover in August 2015 that I was curious about this skyscraper and this time I wanted to see it from a closer point of view and take some photos.

Yuuuge, tremendous, the tallest residential building in the world!... what else can I say? That I couldn't resist and immediately bought a flat with a view even better than that one of the hotel? Later I'll share some photos of it!

Back to Times Square playground...

Times Square panorama

John dos Passos

It's always nice when you leave an amusement park flying on a spaceship! It's an astronaut thing but I'm used to it. CS-TOT was the tail number.

Wing view at JFK Intl Airport

Please send me to New York again, right now!

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