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23 November 2022

San Francisco, November 2022: Day 1

It seems crazy that it was 15 years ago that I started this blog under its original name "Nautical Miles", intended to be a journal of my Hajj experience in 2007 and forgotten after that. But after all it has been such a long journey.

These last years I have not been too active but I refuse to end the story of this blog. So let me share my last layover in one of my favorite cities: San Francisco. Flying the A330neo, of course.

This was not my first time in SF, nor the longest layover available. Despite that, I had the opportunity of having one complete day without worries to explore the city (I mean, without having an early wake-up call the next day).

Alamo Square

My first stop was the Alamo Square with its famous "Painted Ladies", the Victorian style houses. I was on my way to the Amoeba Music store in the Haight Ashbury district. I would return later to this square to catch the last rays of sun while seated on the grass of the park.

Going back for a quick stop at the hotel, I saw this...

... it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... everywhere you go!

Salesforce Park

This is another park in San Francisco placed on the rooftop of the Salesforce Transit Center that I enjoy a lot. It's quite surprising to have such a feature there.

The whole point of going there was to check the works (I was curious about that) on the sinking and leaning Millenium Tower.

Millenium Tower to the right

The Embarcadero

Next stop was the Embarcadero waterfront. Always, a lovely place.

Ferry Building to the left

On the Pier 14 you get nice views of the illuminated SF-Oakland Bay Bridge.

As a curiosity, this bridge was built by the American Bridge Company, the same guys who built the "25 de Abril Bridge" in my hometown, Lisboa.

Also from the Pier 14, what an amazing view of the Financial District skyline!

Union Square

Before returning back to the hotel and have a good sleep, I didn't want to miss the Christmas lights and tree in the Union Square.

San Francisco... always such a good vibe!

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