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December 17, 2023

Regensdorf - Katzensee Lake

This was a very easy night stop in Zürich, last September: LIS-ZRH / ZRH-LIS. I was the only crew member staying in the hotel so I left the aircraft alone and went to the airport the next day all by myself.

View of the Alps


The weather was nice and sunny. I had already explored Regensdorf in the past although there's nothing much to do and see there. It's a nice layover if you just want/need to rest and don't want to spend a lot of money in transport going to Zurich. In the past, when there was a free shuttle from the hotel to the airport, I would spend my afternoons just watching airplanes from the observation deck B.

The only way out I know in Regensdorf is it's train station, but I wasn't in the mood to go to the city center.

Regensdorf train station

Some weeks earlier, while checking on a new hire's instagram who was in Regensdorf, my attention was drawn to a lake which seemed to be very close to where we stay.
It was really helpful that these days we have a well developed Google Maps app and cheap roaming data. Because without those things I would have probably gotten lost on my way to the lake! But I ventured into the bush with confidence and I was glad to finally find the Katzensee Lake.

Zürich Airport

My flight back to Lisboa was flown on a A321LR, with registration CS-TXM. The aircraft named "Fernão Lopes" was doing its very first revenue service after being delivered brand new from Airbus a few weeks earlier. And in fact it smelled like a fresh new aircraft! It made me remember when I flew on CS-TNT when it was the most recent addition to our fleet, 14 years ago!

ZRH tarmac scene

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