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March 31, 2024

New York, March 2022: Saint Patrick's Day

Yet another layover in Newark but always going to Manhattan, where everything happens!

Meatpacking District

I usually keep an eye on Time Out New York to see if there's something new to visit. A Botero's Sculpture on public display at the Meatpacking District caught my attention.

My first encounter with Botero's work was when we used to fly to Bogotá, Colômbia where I visited the Museo Botero. Fernando Botero was a famous colombian artist and sculptor, recently deceased in 2023.
The High Line

 The High Line is always a favorite of mine... even if it was a cold and foggy day in New York.

Little Island

I decided to re-visit Little Island which is an artificial island park inaugurated the previous year. I already had been there a few days after it was opened and despite the United States were still closed for tourism (due to the pandemic), I remember lots of people visiting the new attraction that first time I visited it.

Hudson River

Now, let's really understand how foggy it was this day!

World Trade Center
Transportation Hub

And yes!... it was Saint Patrick's Day and I didn't know that this day is massively celebrated in New York. All pubs inviting to have a beer and green color everywhere. I learned that I missed an Aer Lingus parade down the streets with Flight Attendants in their uniforms.

Lower Mahattan

This was the first time I got notice of the strangest skyscraper in New York, that I already talked about recently in this blog. And also a photo of the Washington Square Park and its marble arch.


Next day the weather was much nicer but since I would return back to Lisbon, I decided to stay nearby my hotel.

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