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April 30, 2024

San Francisco, March 2023: San Jose & Sentinel Bldg

This was one of my two awesome layovers in San Francisco in 2023. This time I was able to get a crew willing to visit the Yosemite Park but I will leave that report for later.
On the day we arrived we decided to go to a rooftop for a drink and stay awake as long as we could since the time difference is -8h.

Charmaine's Rooftop


On our way back from Yosemite, me and a colleague decided to see the Apple Park and stop in San Jose for a short visit before we returned our car in San Francisco.

There wasn't much we could see at the Apple Park site since we didn't have an appointment for a visit but the building itself is really impressive.

City of San José

We stopped in San Jose out of curiosity but after our short visit I was thinking the city hasn't much to offer for a tourist. Here are the main highlights:

Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph

Sonic Runway

City Hall

We had dinner there (we went for Ramen) and we got back in San Francisco.

San Francisco

Next day I was all by myself and I went to explore SF a little bit more. The Sentinel Building (or Columbus Tower) was something I wanted to see and photograph.

Sentinel Building

Down below the sister cities of SF and a TWA metal poster I bought at the Pier 39.

And the last day of my layover was already the return day to Lisbon. I went to the Ferry Building Marketplace. But first, a couple of photos on my way...

And finally inside the marketplace:

The last set of photos I took show the SF-Oakland Bay bridge and some kind of street art. I was also lucky to get a cargo MD-11 overflying it.

Despite its miserable longitudinal stability that caused some accidents, the McDonnell Douglas MD-11 is always a beautiful and gracious aircraft to see.

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