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23 June 2024

New York, June 2024: Gasenvoort Peninsula

This was my 4th time in New York this year. I'm always glad to have it. I arrived on the summer solstice day and temperatures were insanely high. So I decided to enjoy the longest day of the year and go the beach in Manhattan!

Gasenvoort Peninsula

Gasenvoort Peninsula is located in the Hudson River Park and surprisingly it is not an old pier. Also it is not that far from Little Island. Although swimming is not allowed you can enjoy being on real sand with some beach chairs and umbrellas. I enjoyed spending my time there sunbathing and listening to my music.

World Trade Center

On my way to the hotel, I never waste the chance for a couple of artistic photos.

Newark Liberty

Next day, as usual, I stayed in Newark doing some shopping and having a little pre-flight rest. I left the hotel after lunch time for my return flight to Lisbon. Nice to have a Lufthansa 747-8 side by side with our tiny but cosy A321LR.

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