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October 12, 2010

Copenhagen: take-off @ Kastrup

Last month I had two night-stops at Copenhagen. The first one gave no opportunity to get out of the hotel because we arrived late in the night and departed the following morning.

I came back as a passenger so I could take these photos:

A319 CS-TTA "Vieira da Silva" @ Kastrup

Nice reflection on the jetway

After take-off

View from seat 3F

Over the clouds...

And finally I could enjoy a nice hot meal and have a rest until arrival at Lisbon

The second night-stop I had more time to visit the city but I was so tired that I just slept all the time at the hotel. I really wanted to visit the Dansk Design Center, but it will have to wait for another opportunity.

Copenhagen was the hightlight of last Up Magazine issue (September).

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