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Friday, October 15, 2010

Helsinki 2009 - Day 1

September 2009

More than a year has passed since I was in Helsinki and promised to tell you about that stay in this blog. It was really a nice 5-night (long) stay with my friend António and also with a very nice crew.

Let me see what I still remember....

We arrived at the hotel in the early, early morning and after check-in the crew dediced to wait for the breakfast that was to be served in less than one hour. After that we were all tired and went to sleep already with daylight.

When we woke-up we were hungry and went out to eat something and get a little glimpse of the city. The weather was far from sunny but at least it was not too cold. The first thing we saw was the Kaisaniemi park nearby our hotel.

Then we found a McDonalds at Helsinki's Forum shopping centre. After "lunch" we continued our way down Mannerheimintie Street on foot until we reached Helsinki Market Square (Kauppatori).


Near Helsinki Senate Square we found some brazilian guys who talked to us.

Helsinki Senate Square

Helsinki Cathedral

Uspenski Cathedral
(Eastern Orthodox)

We had dinner at an italian food restaurant (which in finnish they say ravintola) and returned to our hotel. Before sleeping we were already planning the following day!

Crowne Plaza - Helsinki

Kiitos (for reading this post!)

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