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04 September 2012

Emirates - First landing @ Lisbon Airport

I can say I've been an enthusiastic spotter between 2001 and 2003. I even bought a Canon EOS 300 (analog) in 2001 or 2002. But everything has its time and today I only go "behind the fences" to chat with friends who also like aviation and have the perfect scenario for it but not being worried about the traffic coming or leaving. That means no registration log or photography.

However, last 9th of July, everything was different. For every airport it must be a honour to receive scheduled flights of the famous Emirates airline. Add it to the fact of the aircraft being the imposing Boeing 777 and that was sufficient to grab my camera and run to the airport. Emirates has also my respect after having flown with them last year.

While driving to the airport I saw this big banner:

"Lisboa welcomes Emirates"

The 777-200ER with tail number A6-EMH arrived on schedule:

Few seconds before landing

Emirates usually deploys their smaller capacity A330-200 on the new routes until the traffic is established but for some reason they chose to go initially with the 777 on the DXB-LIS run.

And now the departure:

Trying to go artistic... before lining up

A6-EMH lined up on RWY03

In the meanwhile, I also captured a photo of the aircraft which I hope to be upgraded soon!

CS-TOC arriving

It does not climb as fast as the Boeing 777 but it's still beautiful :)

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