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September 21, 2014

Wonderful sunset at Brasília

A whole month of long-haul flights begins! First scheduled flight is to Brasília where I have never been.

We departed in the morning flying CS-TOH, the first A330-200 prototype. The ex-Austrian A330s do not represent the best in-flight product we have in the long-haul but at least they have something very useful for both crew and passengers. The 3 toilets near (plus crew rest entrance) doors 3 form a cross aisle so it's easy to change between the two longitudinal main aisles.
We had a flight time of 9h05 and a very similar service to that one I experienced on the São Paulo flight. The aircraft was fully booked and the crew was nice.

It was a very short stay in Brasilia and it was almost impossible to visit the city. But the sunset I experienced at our hotel was simply amazing and really worth it. The succession of colors, the warm weather and the arrival of the capivaras made my day!

The pool...

Our hotel


And the capivaras decided to show up right after the sunset! I was excited just like a kid!

A large group of capivaras swimming

Amazing colors!

Next morning, this was the view of my room:

For the return flight the A330 with reg. nr. CS-TOL was waiting for us. This fligh was 8h45 long. Some photos after landing at Lisboa:

Trying to go artistic

Front view

Two A330s parked side by side

After this second long-haul experience I kept that feeling of loving every second of it. In fact, it is...

... the perfect life!

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