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April 15, 2018

Flying for the first time to Bucharest

It seems like I'm only assigned for medium haul during the months partially covered with holidays. I'm quite sure I'll be moving to the intercontinental fleet soon, leaving the current mixed fleet regime.
So, it is with no surprise, that despite TAP having launched flights to Bucharest first in 2012 (until 2016) and then in 2017, Otopeni Airport was still missing in my logbook.

Being a round trip flight all night long, you might suspect it is not very popular among the crews. And because Bucharest is located more to the east, it means that the return flight is flown already in the daylight.

Anyway, it's always nice to fly for the first time to a new airport. At least I had some curiosity. Otopeni Airport is named after Henri Coandă, an aerodynamics pioneer which is well known among Aerospace Engineers because of the Coandă effect. It really took me back to my old engineering student days...

Coandă effect

During the turnaround time I took a few photos. The landscape in the vicinity of the airport was all covered with snow and I always find it so beautiful!

I was looking out for some TAROM traffic (the flag carrier of Romania) but I was only able to spot one movement after we closed doors to initiate the return flight to Lisbon.

Wizz Air A321 wit hsharklets

After a very smooth flight, we had a morning arrival in Lisbon and a last view of our beautiful Airbus A319 "Camilo Castelo Branco" which was still bearing the old "TAP Portugal" designation on both sides of the tail fin.

A319 tail number CS-TTN

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