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08 June 2021

Closing of a route due to the pandemic

By that time, during the first year of the pandemic, it was a rumor often heard that the San Francisco route would end soon. So, when I saw San Francisco in my roster I immediately did a mini-list of what I wanted to see and explore in the city in that short layover. One year earlier I automatically fell in love for San Francisco when I had a bigger layover but I still left many things to do for a next visit. This time, I was not sure if I would ever return again to San Francisco after this opportunity.

When I was warned that my return flight was canceled because the route was being discontinued and that I would return back to Lisbon as a passenger on the very same aircraft I was taking to San Francisco, I admit I was totally upset.

The flight to San Francisco took 12h35. 

A330-900 CS-TUE at San Francisco Intl

Since the return flight to Lisbon would depart only six hours after we landed, we went to the hotel for a much deserved small rest.

The City by the Bay in the morning

I didn't even try to sleep because it would be worse for me waking up only three hours later. So I just stayed in a low energy mode. This was my room's view:

And then, we were back to the airport again.

San Francisco International

Flying as a passenger, I was able to fully appreciate the traffic at the airport.

Flaps set and taxi-out for departure.

The in-flight maps of the IFE system are pretty neat and after take-off I was able to enjoy the amazing sights and the diverse geographical feats along the route, over the United States.

Sierra Nevada

Mono Lake and its Paoha Island


Soon it was time for dinner to be served and to appreciate the new china celebrating the company's 75th anniversary.

And more amazing landscape views...

As we progressed eastwards, night darkness fell very quickly and the show was over.

Overflying Wyoming / Colorado border 

Main course

After the meal, it was pretty easy for me to fell asleep after so many hours awake... In the end, I didn't miss the opportunity for a photo of the passenger cabin of our A330neo.

At this point, nobody knew if the route was closed for good or if it was only temporary.

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