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15 July 2021

First time in Cancún

It seems quite unbelievable that during my charter period I didn't manage to visit Cancún. I did many other destinations in the Caribbean but not this one in México.

Our route to Cancún was launched very recently and it was a matter of time until it showed up in my roster. The aircraft assigned to the outbound flight was also a first for me: CS-TUK, the A330neo with the Star Alliance livery.

And how it feels good to arrive in Cancún around 10pm with a hot breeze of 30º C. The good charter vibes were totally coming back to me.

CS-TUK "D. Francisco de Almeida" after arrival

However this was the shortest layover available (there are bigger pairings). Yet I was able to enjoy a full day at the beach in Isla Mujeres.

On our ferry to Isla Mujeres. The blue is unreal!

And finally we arrived in paradise.

Isla Mujeres

At sunset we caught the ferry back to the city center and had dinner in a restaurant called "La Coyota".

La Coyota - Cocina & Mixologia

And after dinner we were totally exhausted due to the 6-hour time difference and returned to the hotel. Before going to my room I went to enjoy the amazing view of the rooftop.

We stayed in Zona Hotelera, very much american style. Next day, only time for breakfast and for a little rest before the return flight.

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