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17 March 2024

Airbus A330-200: Registration CS-TOQ

In 2014 we got two second hand A330-200's from brazilian airline TAM (now LATAM). This was the first time I flew on one of them (CS-TOQ). These photos were taken on a return flight from Rio de Janeiro, on my first long-haul month.

Business Class

Business Class was retrofited with also second hand lie-flat seats from Lufthansa. Custom logos of the german airline were of course removed but still one could easily identify the previous owner.

Economy Class

Door 3R

Economy PTVs

Mid Cabin

Main meal service gettting prepared...

One odd thing about these two aircraft was that they had the most rearward bulkhead covered with carpet.

Aft bulkhead

And at Lisbon airport right after arrival:

CS-TOQ, named Pedro Teixeira

A330 CS-TOQ alongside with CS-TOR were phased out right after the pandemic and were already scrapped.

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