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March 19, 2024

The strangest skyscraper in Manhattan

Cold winter days in New York last February.... but amazing blue sky!

I tried a kind of an artistic shot with recently new 30 Hudson Yards skyscraper and its curious observation deck "The Edge".

30 Hudson Yards

But the skyscraper I really like to explore in photos is the Empire State Building.

Empire State Building

Next spot in my walk would be the Central Park, also a favorite for me.

Central Park

Bethesda Fountain

Belvedere Castle

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir

On the second day of my layover I decided to go to Lower Manhattan.


The World Trade Center Transportation Hub and its original design also provides opportunity for great photos.

Jenga Building
& 33 Thomas Street

One of the widebody fleet destinations I will miss is Chicago. But in New York I can still see some sort of a "bean" at the base of 56 Leonard Street (Jenga Building).

Close to the Jenga Tower we can also see one of the strangest skyscrapers. The windowless 33 Thomas Street!

And to end this post, a view of beautiful 56 Leonard Street and One World Trade Center:

Will I ever get tired of New York City? No! Deal with it.

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